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Hay Relief and Drought Help

We have been overwhelmed with the love and support in the last few weeks of fire. Both our Horseabout locations have had door-step fire where we have only just managed to save our hay stores, saddles and paddocks (let alone horses!) We are happy to let you know that all horses are present and accounted for, they are moved from paddock to paddock to keep them safe, but this is tireless and stressful, and grazing pasture is hard to find. Please know that the very first thing that happens in a fire-warning is that horses are moved to safe ground. As these fires are fast moving and often located in bush areas, the threats are very real. If you have ever met any of our Horseabout team you'll know just how highly they place the lives of these animals, often they will put the safety of the horses in front of themselves. Conditions are changing daily, and all stations are monitored. So please, if you would like to help, we offer the links below so you can donate towards buying hay . This money not only goes directly towards the horses, but also frees up hay and funds for other animals in the region that are suffering. 

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